Our Culture

We celebrate difference

Whenever we get asked about our culture, we agree it’s the people that make life at Interflora special. We’re like a family. And just like a family we’re made up of all sorts of personalities, and we celebrate that. You can bring yourself and your own character to work at Interflora. Everyone is an individual and is treated that way. We’re a friendly and relaxed bunch (you might hear that pun a few times at Interflora!) where doors are always open, desk space is communal and knowledge and ideas are openly shared.

We love working together

We’re big but small! We might be a big, iconic brand that is instantly recognisable but we’re fewer than 200 people strong (not including the circa 1000 florists in our network that make up our extended family). That means we’re always collaborating and building our business through relationships and conversations. We are digitally savvy, and we embrace hybrid working, but we also love a traditional face to face coffee and a chat.

We love to learn

Whether it’s exploring our varied online tools or shadowing others or just asking questions, we’re always learning. We have quarterly brown bag lunch and learn sessions where everyone’s invited to come and catch the learning bug. We’ve covered everything from using Linkedin, to getting a good night’s sleep, to how to make floral table decorations. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as people are learning!

We’re Responsible

We have a huge focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability as part of our ‘Buds of Change’ programme. We’re planting strong roots, ensuring that our impact on the planet is as small as possible, along with that of our supply chain. We’re nurturing our people to ensure a healthy workplace culture, and ensuring equal opportunities throughout the business.

Family Feel

We’re small enough to feel like a family and everyone brings themselves to work – helping each other to deliver true happiness in our roles.


We love working together – whether that’s collaborating day to day using tech or simply getting together in the office for events, workshops and other fun activities. We truly believe that business should be done on relationships and conversations.


Our quarterly brown-bag ‘lunch and learn’ sessions give everyone that learning bug with topics ranging from using LinkedIn, tips on improving sleep – right through to how to make a floral table decoration – it doesn’t matter the subject, as long as our people get that learning bug.